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How to Get Started?

Like many other new energy-saving improvements, the first problem is often knowing which trade or company you can contact to get the thing installed. Most roofers tend not to know much about solar attic fans, so most of them will not do it; or worse, they will install them wrong and charge you too much.  Solar companies simply won’t bother with tiny projects like attic vents. And, while you could buy a do-it-yourself kit and clamber on your roof yourself, many people are not comfortable with that route.

This is why Climate Action Services Inc. has set up this website.


Meet the team

Winston Abernethy
President, RoofTO

With more than 2100 solar attic fan installations last year, Winston is the most experienced solar attic fan installer in Ontario. Together with him, we worked with manufacturers to procure a great deal on what we think is the best solar attic fan on the market, in order to make installed attic fans easily available and affordable to GTA homeowners.


Lenard Hart
President, Climate Action Services Inc.

Climate Action Services Inc. (CASI) has an ethical grounding in environmental stewardship and sustainability. We believe the future for all business is sustainability, and we work with utilities, corporations, governments and consumers to develop and implement sustainable business practices. We test products, make connections, and engage consumers with information and better options make low carbon and energy efficient choices.