iSolar attic fan


Let our Experienced Roofing Team Assess the Opportunity

Not every home is right for solar attic ventilation, so our team will make sure your home will benefit and let you know how many fans are right for you, based on the size of your attic.

Not all roofs can benefit from solar attic ventilation. Some roofs are simply too shaded. Homes with flat or low sloped roofs have no attic space to ventilate, and some roofs are in such need of repair that our roofers won’t walk on them for fear of damaging something.

Our team will inspect your roof and gutters and report any issues (Note: because so many roofers do not know about solar attic fans, we won’t install attic fans if your roof needs redoing, because the odds are the roofers will mess up the fan installation … but will be happy to do our work after you get it your roof replaced).

Procure and install

Our roofing partners at RoofTO will professionally install International Solar Solutions attic fans that we procure at volume discount prices. Often installation can take place the same week. It takes no more than a couple of hours and, if you are busy working, you don’t even have to be home, as the installation is all done from the rooftop.

For DIY folks, we will sell you the fans and chat with you about the installation.

Service Guarantee

RoofTO stands behind all their work and guarantees your satisfaction. Together we are offering a 5-year service guarantee. International Solar Solutions also offers a limited 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product itself. And Climate Action Services will make sure it’s right!